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By Theresa Grentz, Gary Miller

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This drill can also be used to enhance foot speed and develop conditioning depending on the intensity level under which the drill is conducted. Page 25 Drill #12: Diamond Passing Objective: To practice passing and receiving of the ball. Description: Divide the team into four equal groups and position them at the corners of a square approximately twenty feet apart. Select a corner for the starting point of the drill. The first person in this line and the first person in the line to this player's immediate left should each start with a basketball.

The addition of an offensive weave to make the defense slide through the screens can introduce variety to this drill. Coaching Point: The pivot made by the defensive player may be made in either direction depending upon the location of the offensive player to be boxed out. The box out should include and concentrate on the timing to establish contact, the bending of the back, and finally, the legal use of the elbows to maintain the position desired. Page 54 Drill #38: Never Quit Objective: To teach multiple efforts in securing rebounds.

At the top of the key at the end where the ball is when the drill begins, two defensive players are positioned facing the side line where the players are lined up. The drill begins with the four players passing (no dribbling allowed) the ball down the court. The two defensive players retreat down the court as the ball is being passed. The final person in the passing line takes a shot from her position on the floor and follows the shot to the basket. The second-to-last person follows the shot in an attempt to rebound the missed attempt.

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